Tråd: Sendinger på BBO fra Internasjonale mesterskap

Du kan logge inn på linjen øverst på siden under hovedmenyen. Du må være medlem av NBF for å logge inn. Har du ikke fått tildelt brukernavn og passord - kontakt NBF. Har du glemt passordet? Trykk her

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17. juni 2012 09:23:05

paulg (Paul Gipson from Scotland), one of our commentators: 'The schedule for all the teams continues to defy belief. Two matches on Saturday and one on Sunday, a time when you could play six matches with everyone in Europe able to watch. But no, let's not play bridge when people can watch, we'll wait until everyone is back at work.' How true. Now that we, through BBO, finally have made the game a successful spectator sport, bridge politicians are doing all they can to bomb us back to the stone age when three hung-over men and two lame dogs were watching.

Noe for NBF`s styre å ta tak i ovenfor EBL.

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